SPEEDPRO Wi-Fi Adapter
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Outstanding Quality
The SPEEDPRO Wi-Fi Adapter is constructed from top quality components for durability and longevity.
No-Hassle Returns
If you aren't satisfied with your SPEEDPRO Wi-Fi Adapter, you can return it within 30 days and receive a full refund.
Speedy Delivery
Made to perform perfectly right out of the box with only minimal effort or work!
Create a Private Wi-Fi Network in Seconds!
Just plug your SPEEDPRO Wi-Fi Adapter into your hotel’s ethernet cable. From there, it’s a snap to create your own, password-protected Wi-Fi network that you can use with any number of devices.

Don’t risk putting your private info on a public Wi-Fi network that any snoop or criminal can gain access to! Create your own private network with SPEEDPRO!
Use any Country’s Wall Sockets
The SPEEDPRO Wi-Fi Adapter features multiple socket prongs that let you plug into virtually any wall socket used in a foreign country.

The various sized adapters that are included with SPEEDPRO let you plug in and charge your devices in more than 150 foreign countries, including Australia, UK, Europe, and Asia.
EU Type
US Type-A
US Type-B
How to Use SPEEDPRO Wi-Fi Adapter
Pick the plug that fits your hotel socket
Just plug it in!
Now you have personal, private internet!
What SPEEDPRO Wi-Fi Adapter Users Have to Say
Works in Any Country

"I used to carry a bag of adapters whenever I’d travel, just hoping I’d have one with me that would work. The SPEEDPRO device makes everything so much easier – I always know I’ll have the adapter I need, no matter what country I’m visiting.”
Rodney R.
Get 50% OFF SPEEDPRO Wi-Fi Adapter
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Average Rating
“Easy Wi-Fi Setup!”
Setting up our own password-protected Wi-Fi network couldn’t have been easier. And we were able to use all of our devices for one fee, instead of the hotel charging us separately for each device.
Donald G.
Verified Purchase
“Great Charger”
I love the fact that the SPEEDPRO Wi-Fi adapter includes a pair of USB outlets on it. It lets me use the main socket to power my laptop while I use the USB ports to charge me and my husband’s phones.
Beatrice B.
Verified Purchase
“Traveler’s Best Friend!”
The combination of power socket adapter and Wi-Fi network creator simply can’t be beat. It really does give you the two most important things you need when you’re staying in a foreign nation.
Donald G.
Verified Purchase
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Get 50% OFF SPEEDPRO Wi-Fi Adapter
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